There are many things we can do to help Save water and the environment. We have compiled a small simple list below of some of the things we can do together to ensure we play our roll in helping the environment.
This list has been compiled from a few different sources.

Ways to help save water:

    • Install a Rainwater tank.
      No matter where you are in Australia, a rainwater tank can at least partially offset your mains water usage.
      A rainwater tank can collect many thousands of litres of water each year. What size of tank you install will depend on the available space, the size of your roof, and rainfall patterns in your area
      We have a large variety of different rain water tank pumps including item like Rainsaver technologies. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you find the right system.


    • Check your system for leaks.
      Checking for leaks in taps, pipes and dishwasher hoses is an easy way to reduce water wastage. Remember, one leaking tap can waste more than 2,000 litres a month.
      • To check your home for leaks, turn off every tap and appliance that uses water, then read your water meter. Wait a while (overnight if you can), and read again. If the meter has ticked over, something’s leaking. Check your toilets and taps first.
      If you have leaks with your pump or equipment, or issues concerning water leakage with your pump equipment, please visit our Troubleshoot page or contact us for more information.


    • Water Saving In the Kitchen.
      Installing water efficient taps or tap aerators is a great, inexpensive way to cut your water usage without you even noticing.


    • Watch Taps.
      Prevent taps from leaking by turning taps off lightly and replace washers as soon as they begin to leak.


    • Do you need the Dishwasher?
      Think before using the dishwasher. Washing dishes in the sink uses about 15L of water, depending on the capacity and water efficiency rating of your dishwasher, it may be more efficient to wash your dishes in the sink.


    • Use Rainwater.
      Use rainwater. Why use potable (drinking) water to flush your toilet? A tank-to-toilet-flush pump system can use water from a rainwater tank, diverting to mains water only if necessary. Call us today to find out more about what can be done.


    • Save water where possible.
      When you’re running the taps waiting for water to cool down or heat up, collect the water in a jug for use on the garden.

There are many ways for us to all do our part in saving water and helping protect the most vital part to life, our water.