Pump not priming / looses prime.


If your pump is not priming or is loosing prime after a short run time, one of the below points may be causing the problem:

  • Suction lift is too great for the pump.
  • Suction inlet or strainer is blocked.
  • Suction line has air leak.
  • Suction hose collapsed.
  • Mechanical seal has failed allowing air to be drawn into the pump.
  • Obstruction in pumps impeller and/or casing.


If the problem is unable to be resolved by the following, please contact our friendly Service Technicians on 0409 898 883 or alternatively fill out our form to the right for servicing, trouble-shooting, repairs or replacements for Pump issues or faults.
Our technicians will respond to your concern as soon as possible and help get your pump back in order as quickly as possible.